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Hide The Plate - The Hidden License Plate Bracket

Posted by Administrator on 9/6/2013

Not everyone wants or needs a HIDDEN LICENSE PLATE...However, can you believe some cars don't come with the option to MOUNT a front license plate?!

---- Many states now issue Traffic tickets for a missing front plate that average $200!!! ----

Certain cars like the Dodge Challenger, Chevy Corvette, the New Camaro, and many more, dont come with an option from the factory to mount a front license plate!  Believe us, the Police dont usually care that the factory didn't give you that option.  A ticket will be quickly coming your way! 

What do you do when your state REQUIRES that you must run your front plate?!  Well you CERTAINLY don't want to drill holes into your beautiful front bumper!!

Manual Hide The Plate Motorized Hide The Plate

That is where the beauty of HIDE THE PLATE comes in!  HIDE THE PLATE was not designed just as a slide away license plate holder.  It was also designed with cars like the Corvette, Camaro, or New Mustang in mind, to use as a front License Plate Mounting kit!!!  This kit works fabulous on just about every car that has to run a front license plate that doesn't want to drill into the front bumper! 

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