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Connecticut Front License Plate Laws

Posted by Administrator on 9/7/2013

Connecticut is just one of the MANY states which has started enforcing the law requiring two license plates on all vehicles! 

Let HIDE THE PLATE help you mount your front plate without drilling into the front of your bumper!  Hide the Plate mounts UNDER your bumper and allows the plate to slide out and be displayed properly when operating your vehicle.

In 2012 Connecticut State troopers issued almost 500 tickets for NO FRONT PLATES

These tickets average aprx. $117 according to WFSB Eye Witness News.

Connecticut Statute 14-18A-

"Each Vehicle for which two number plates have been issued, shall while in use or in operation upon any public highway, display in a conspicuous place at the front and the rear of such vehicle the number plates."


Hide The Plate is a GREAT solution to help you mount your license plate and slide it away for when you are at a car show, track event, detailing or washing your vehicle, and then slide it back out when you are ready to hit the road!  Save yourself hundreds of dollars in tickets and let HIDE THE PLATE help you mount your front License Plate!  The Hide The Plate works on just about every vehicle on the road!  From Chevy Camaros, Dodge Challengers, and Toyota Camrys, to Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and more!  We haven't found a vehicle that couldn't use the Hide The Plate License Plate Mount!

 Connecticut Front License Plate Laws
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