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Welcome to HIDE THE PLATE - Your License Plate Mounting Solution!

HIDE THE PLATE is a License Plate Bracket that allows you to mount your front License plate under your bumper and then slide it out to display and slide it in to hide it! Great for cars that don't come with a Front License plate mount and for owners who frequent car shows or track events or even the weekend detailer! Front License Plate Tickets can reach hundreds of dollars! Let Hide The Plate help keep your car looking clean, free of holes, and your money where it belongs!

We are sorry but HIDE THE PLATE is currently closed due to medical issues.
We are a one person operation and due to medical issues we are currently unable to accept new orders for the time being.
Any current orders are being processed and shipped.  We hope to reopen in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.

Manual Hide The Plate Motorized Hide The Plate
Manual Hide The Plate License Plate Kit OR Motorized Hide The Plate License Plate Kit

Hidden License Plate Video
If we use your video (must be a video file not youtube) on our site we will give you $20 back!

Check out the Manual Hide The Plate on Mike's 600HP GTR
Nissan GTR License Plate Hidden
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Manual Hide The Plate License Plate Bracket
Manual Hide The Plate License Plate Bracket
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Motorized Hide The Plate License Plate Bracket
Motorized Hide The Plate License Plate Bracket
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Hide The Plate License Plate Video You Tube

Hide The Plate isn't just used to hide License Plates away for car shows or track events! Our Hide The Plates are most often used as simple License plate brackets! Many of today's popular vehicles such as the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Nissan GTR, Audi S5, Audi R8, Tesla, Volkswagen, Dodge Challenger, and more, don't come with a way to even MOUNT a front license plate! Many states have a front License Plate Law! Let Hide The Plate help!

They are great to Hide A Plate for car shows, track days, or detailing and then pop your plate back out when you're ready to hit the road!!

Please take note: This product is meant to be used for off road / show purposes (car show / car detailing) and nothing else.

If HideTHEplate.com is informed of improper usage, we will be unable to authorize future sales to you.

Our Hidden License Plate fits most makes and models. Easily Hide A Plate at car shows!

We have Hide The Plate , a Hidden License Plate , Hide a Plate, and a Hide Away license plate

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Motorized Hide The Plate License Plate Bracket Motorized Hide The Plate License Plate Bracket
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Manual Hide The Plate License Plate Bracket

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